Cyber Security Challenge And Sophos.

If you live in the UK and are interested in pursuing a career in Cyber Security then you should be looking at The Cyber Security Challenge UK.

Cyber Security Challenge UK Ltd. aims to bring more talented people into the Cyber Security Profession.

Our outputs are in the main provided and managed by our sponsors from public and private sector organisations who care about the future of the profession. Their logos are shown in the Sponsors’ page.

The provide a series of online virtual challenges open to all, from these virtual challenges the top placing candidates are selected to participate in live Face To Face challenges culminating in The Master Class Final. Prizes include Training courses, books, some hardware and a chance to meet recruiters and others working in the field.

For those who think that they don’t stand a chance against the cyber experts of today, fear not. The competitions are not for those already working in the field. this is aimed at the next generation of cyber experts.

They are not just limited to competitions, The Challenge is pushing out to schools, Cyber Camps and Cyber Career Fairs.

So why am i writing about this, other than the fact that its a great project.

I volunteer my time to help out the Cyber Security Challenge with some of the assessment and moderation at the face to face challenges. The First one is coming up this weekend and is at Sophos HQ in the UK.

The Game:

The Sophos Wireless Infrastructure Challenge will see some of the countrys most talented amateur cyber defenders competing to prove they have the skills to protect the UK from cybercrime by breaking into real life networks, battling the bad guys live, in real time, and using Raspberry Pi devices to control and fly a real life drones.

How the game will run 25 of the UKs brightest amateur cyber minds will compete in teams to explore, attack and analyse a range of wireless IT networks used by families, small businesses, multi-corporations or even government departments. Whether attacking the networks directly or through real life vulnerabilities in common networked devices such as iPads or smart phones, teams will be rewarded for breaking in with parts of secret code. The full code will give attendees access to one final network that has been subjected to an attack.

Their challenge is to source the attacker whilst he or she is still wreaking havoc on the network, crashing their computers in a live battle with the experts at Sophos playing the role of the bad guy.

To win the teams are looking for one final network, protected by the bad guy that provides access to a real life wireless drone controllable with Raspberry Pi devices that will stationed at Sophos. The first team to break into the drones operation system and fly it into the competition room wins.

Its not too late to get involved, there are still chances to sign up for virtual challenges and if you don’t think your ready this year, make sure to sign up early for next year.

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