Learning Python And The Challenge Starts

When dealing with malware research learning a programming language or two is pretty much a requirement for several reasons, a few of the big ones for me were to:

  • Understand the code you are trying to analyse
  • Create scripts and tools to assist in analysis
  • create scripts and tools to automate the mandrolic tasks

My language of choice was / is Python. Python is high-level programming language that is platform independent, i.e. it runs on most OS’s and is well suited to string manipulations and task processing.

I started self teaching, that is reading blogs, help pages and hacking at code till it did what i wanted it to do. This was no way to learn how to code effectively and more importantly, efficiently. And so i looked for some courses that would be within my limited budget.

Thankfully i found a few that are easily in budget. Coursera is an online service that provides University courses via the browser for **Free**.


There are two courses that suited my needs perfectly.

This one is nearly finsihed - https://www.coursera.org/course/programming1

and this one is due to start in 12 Days - https://www.coursera.org/course/interactivepython

the lessons include plenty of  quizz questions, challenges,  and assignments to help you learn as you go.

If you want to challenge yourself in a slightly more Fun, Hair Tearing way you can try your hand at the python Challenge.


The Challenge has been around for many years but the  principle is you need to solve the riddles using logic, common sense Python and a healthy dose of Google.

There are currently 33 Levels and im working my way through the challenge and will show my solutions as i go.

Warning Spoilers In the posts to follow.

Level Zero

Level One

Level Two

Level Three

Level Four

Level Five

Level Six

Level Seven

Level Eight