Viper Modules - APK

This follows on from the post detailing the basic usage of viper. If you have not read that post I would start there.

An index of all the modules can be found here.


The apk module is designed to extract information from Android Application Packages (APK). I am not going to look at the APK structure im just going to showcase what viper can do with one.

As with all modules apk has a help option that can be accessed with -h.


For these example I am using a sample of Dendroid malware. Lets look at the output of each command.

Info -i

This lists the Activities Services and Receivers that are present in the APK


Permissions -p

This will list all the permissions that the application asks for.


File Listing -f

This simply lists all the files and their type contained within the APK.


Dump -d

Dump is arguably one of the most important commands, and is not accurately described in the help. (I Will fix this!) It is used to retrieve a representation of the source code. It decompiles the dex byte code in to something more human readable.


That’s it for the APK Module if you can think of something it is missing or that can be improved let me know or even better write it yourself and send a pull request to vipers github.

As usual Question, Queries, Comments below.