VolUtility Release 0.2

Just a quick update on the new VolUtility release. If you missed the first post telling you what VolUtility is you can read it here. VolUtility a web front end for the volatility framework.

Along with several bug fixes and general code tidy the following features have been added or improved.

  • Support Linux and Mac memory images.
  • Adds a config file to set user variables
  • Add the dot renderer to enable dot graphs via viz.js
  • Autorun plugins. You can set these in the config file or in the browser at session load.
  • Update active session with new plugins.
  • Improve yara scanner.
  • Started the Wiki to document install and usage.

Plenty more updates coming if you have any issue or suggestions please open them on the github page.

Github: https://github.com/kevthehermit/VolUtility/

Issues: https://github.com/kevthehermit/VolUtility/issues

Release: https://github.com/kevthehermit/VolUtility/releases/tag/v0.2

As usual questions, queries, comments below