Happy New Year 2017

First let me wish you all a happy new year from 2017. I’m going to keep this short with a basic review of last year and the projects i aim to work on this year.

Last Year

2016 was a busy year for projects, but not so much with keeping the blog up to date. Before i get in to my plans for next years here are the major points from 2016 in no particular order.

  1. Attended SANS SEC 560 Pentesting course.
  2. Major overhaul of the DuckToolKit and the creation of a new python library.
  3. Creation of VolUtility a web app for Volatility that took 2nd place in the annual competition.
  4. Converting ratdecoders to a framework
  5. Created and co authored some volatility plugins.
  6. Disclosed some Vulnerabilities

This Year

This year is going to start with a focus on Pen Testing, I have a couple of months before I sit the SANS 560 exam so i have a lot of study and index prep to do. And i also want to improve on the skills i was taught. This means practice and having a pop at as many CTF / VulnHub style challenges as i can get my hands on. I will en-devour to write up each one i attempt regardless of if i complete it or not.


The rubber ducky tool site, and its associated python library, that i co author with James Hall is in need of some attention. Some bugs still exist with the encoder in other languages and it needs more scripts. You can track these changes over on the main site http://ducktoolkit.com


There are still several things i want to add to this platform. The next feature currently in development is adding Authentication. After that some features to enable collaboration and a reporting function that will run preset plugins and generate reports from the output.


I am planning a few changes to malwareconfig.com and the python decoders that go along with it.

  • switch the python scripts to a library and get it on PyPi
  • Switch the backend database on malwareconfig.com which will make storing and retrieving the config data a bit cleaner for me.

3D Printing

I have had a couple of 3D printers and have used them fairly frequently in the last several months. I may start posting details the items i print / design.

So that’s the plan, only time will show how much of each project i manage to complete, but i am optimistic :)

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Years celebration. Wishing you well for 2017.

As usual Question, Queries, Comments below.