About Me

For those of you who care to know anything about me.

My name is Kev and im currently Director of Content for Immersive Labs Ltd I look much older than I really am and very happily married to my wife Emma who, despite her better judgement, allows me to continue my research outside of normal working hours. There are times I am sure she regrets this but I thank her for her patience with me :p. I started out as a kid just messing around with BBS and trying all those things we read about in the hacker sections of the Anarchist Cookbook. Although I always had an interest in Electronics and Computers it would be several years before i really started learning my trade. Before starting with IT I trained as a Radio Communications Technician, essentially repairing Radio and trunk based communications systems.

Eventually moving on to IT systems I worked everything from Service Desks and Network design to System / Network administration and everything in between. I dabbled in almost all areas of It generalizing in everything but specializing in nothing.

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to land a job role working as a Network Analyst and Incident Response Handler, although the title sounds more fun than the job really was. From there I moved sideways in to the Malware department, and this is where I wanted to stay. This was the area I loved working in and so I found myself still generalized in most areas but now specializing in Cyber Security

If you want to contact me you can hit any of the social media links below or for more secure communication my Public Key is available on keybase

You can view my full profile and my projects on the links below.

https://keybase.io/thehermit http://www.linkedin.com/in/kevbreen