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Solving the SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge

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tldr; SANS released the 2016 Christmas Holiday Hack Challenge.This serves as my official submitted answer, and my offering to you dear reader in case you want to see how I approached the challenges. So settle in this is going to be a long post. At the time of writing the challenge is still live and SANS typically keep the servers… Read more »

USB Rubber Ducky and a New ToolKit

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USB Rubber Ducky The USB Rubber Ducky is a product designed and Sold by Hak5. Essentially its a USB keyboard without any keys that you can pre-program a set of keystrokes on to. When the device is plugged in, its installed as a generic keyboard and will then type whatever you have scripted it to use. Duck Code Duck code is how… Read more »

Solving GrrCon15 Memory Challenge with VolUtility

After seeing that Brian Baskin and Tony Cook had published a writeup solving the GrrCon 2015 Memory challenges I thought this would be an ideal way of testing VolUtility, A way to make sure that i have covered all the features, and if not then how to try and add them so it does. Plus it looked like fun :)… Read more »

DarkComet – Hacking The Hacker

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Before I begin this post let me get the following statements out of the way. I Am NOT A Lawyer. The use of the Tools and Techniques discussed in this post may not be legal in your country. The original credit for the discovery belongs to Shawn Denbow and Jesse Hertz. All I did was expand on their POC. Back in… Read more »

Viper – Modules – APK

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This follows on from the post detailing the basic usage of viper. If you have not read that post I would start there. An index of all the modules can be found here. APK The apk module is designed to extract information from Android Application Packages (APK). I am not going to look at the APK structure im just going to showcase what… Read more »

Viper – First Use

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This series is going to take a closer look at using the Viper analysis platform and its associated modules. If you are new to Viper here are a few links for you. – The projects home – the projects GitHub Install Guide – My Install guide. Lets dive straight in and assume you have just finished installing and… Read more »

Decoding Rig Exploit Kit

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This is going to be short and too the point. Python script to decode Rig Exploit Kit landing page. Its on my Github Here – And this is a quick cast to show it in use. As usual Questions Queries Comments below.

Update to Image Mount Script

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Several Months ago I wrote a python script that helped me mount Disk and partition images. You can read the original post here. It worked but was lacking in some areas. Mostly in that it didn’t support GPT partition tables. Thanks [email protected] poking me and @ChipRAFP for the support I have rewritten the script and added a couple more features. It now… Read more »

EnCase And AnalyzeMFT

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I have some familiarity with Windows Forensics having passed my SANS 508 exam, However Chip is my resident Forensics expert so when he pointed me in the direction of  a blog post about running python scripts in EnCase I was immediately interested. I haven’t really played with EnCase and have been looking for a reason, this seems like a good one. In… Read more »

I Hear you like Mount Points

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tl;dr Having just finished my SANS 508 Course i want to share a quick script to help mount partitions and disk images acquired as part of a forensic analysis. I Hear You Like Mount Points The SANS 508 is an Advanced Computer Forensics course and the majority of the course is examining Disk Images. The course uses E01 Images of… Read more »