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Resurrecting SpearPhisher

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A couple of years ago I was looking for something that could generate some spear phishing emails I could use to test some of our network defenses and later could be used as part of a Red Team exercise. At the time I couldn’t find anything I really liked that balanced features, cost and ease of setup and configuration. I… Read more »

Solving the SANS 2016 Holiday Hack Challenge

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tldr; SANS released the 2016 Christmas Holiday Hack Challenge.This serves as my official submitted answer, and my offering to you dear reader in case you want to see how I approached the challenges. So settle in this is going to be a long post. At the time of writing the challenge is still live and SANS typically keep the servers… Read more »

Kali Linux on Acer Chromebook 14

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I like Chromebooks! They are cheap, light, easy to use and have great battery life. But they can also be quite limiting sticking to Chrome OS if you need to do some real Dev work. For the most part Chrome OS is good enough for me. I run a lot of Virtualized Hardware (ESXi) and this can be accessed with… Read more »